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Westlock Child Care Society
Executive Director's Welcome,



Welcome to the Westlock Child Care Society. Our knowledgeable and qualified staff are willing to answer any questions regarding registration, subsidy, and programming. We can also assist with developmental screening, referrals, and questions about child development.


In Westlock, we offer 2 early learning programs, Family Day Homes, and a school-age care program. For grade school students, there is a summer program with field trips to various locations!


In Barrhead, Athabasca, and surrounding areas, we offer Family Day Home programs.


All our programs are licensed and contracted with the Government of Alberta.


Please, give us a call to arrange a visit or ask questions about any of our programs!  We look forward to hearing from you!



​Christine Villeneuve, B.A.; M.Ed.
​Executive Director

Our Philosophy

The Westlock Child Care Society is committed to providing high quality early learning childcare programs for the children and families of the communities we serve.


We are dedicated to building relationships with families by sharing information and providing supports as they raise their children. Our image of children is of citizens, explorers, researchers, inventors, and Mighty Learners.


We notice children’s dispositions of learning as they show caring, seeking, persisting, participating, and playing; we nurture and support their physical, social, emotional, creative, and cognitive growth through the holistic play-based goals of the Curriculum Framework for Alberta, Flight.


Our programs are adaptable and unique to each child's needs, background, and parent preference and by consistently building capacity in our staff, we are well-equipped to learn and work alongside children during the most formative years of their lives.

Our History
Westlock Child Care Society

The Westlock Child Care Society was formed in 1980, and was registered as a non-profit organization under the Societies Act.


Originally, services included the Day Care Centre with an integrated special needs program and the Satellite Family Day Homes program. Since then, services have expanded to include Out-of-School Care programs.


The Day Care Centre was originally built in 1980 to commemorate Alberta’s 75th birthday. In the 1990’s, two additions were built onto the original building to meet the expanding demand for Day Care services.

In 2014, we started to upgrade our programs and facility, incorporating more technology into all aspects of our programs.

In 2016, the Westlock Community Daycare was one of the first 22 Early Learning and Childcare Centres in Alberta to receive a $25/day operational grant from the Government of Alberta, which allowed us to offer affordable child care and increase the quality of our program.

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